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Silhouette Plastic Surgery Clinic Korean plastic surgeon. Silhouette Plastic Surgery Clinic Korean plastic surgeon.
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I gained a new life. Written by College Student It is February 20, 2010 today and I got surgery on January 20, 2010. Today is the 32nd day. I will never forget the day, January 20, 2010. My story starts when I was a middle school student. As secondary sexual characteristics began to develop, I got taller and had beard, which is the same as other kids. However, I felt some lumps in the chest and the breast become bigger gradually. I was teased by other kids, but I didn’t know what to do. I had to wear thick shirts underneath my school uniform even in summer. Before surgery I found out it is gynecomastia, and there is no other way than surgery. Sometimes it naturally disappears in early 20s. After my stressful middle and high school days, I had to go to military service for family reasons when I was 20 years old. At military service, I was stressed out when I had to take shirt off because I was embarrassed. After completing military service, I had various part-time jobs to make money for surgery and college tuition. I worked really hard. I finally made an appointment, and on January 20 in the morning, I went to Seoul with empty stomach. I received cautions and directions through email. I thoroughly comprehended Naver Map and arrived at the clinic on time. Before I arrived at the clinic, I withdrew money at the bank. It was the biggest money that I withdrew in my life. I felt a little weird but happy. After I paid the balance upstairs, I changed to an operating gown. Doctor Yoon saw my chest and drew lines for surgery. I went downstairs and entered operation room, where there were several nurses. I was a little nervous when they tied my limbs on the cross bed.A nurse told me I would fall asleep, and I was placed on anesthetics. When I woke up I was lying in the recovery room with my body covered with blanket. I had a slight pain on the chest, but it wasn’t that bad. In around 20 minutes, Doctor Yoon came to me and said the surgery was very successful. I was really happy and excited. Because I live out of Seoul, I received treatment at one time. I changed to my own cloths and went outside with prescription. It was raining. After surgery Thank you so much Doctor Yoon and nurses. I really appreciate. The prayer that Doctor Yoon did for me before surgery was really helpful to beat fear. Actually, the cost of the surgery was very high, but I consider it as an investment for my future. It wasn't a waste at all. If you still hesitate, please get surgery as soon as possible. I would like to express my appreciation again to everyone at Silhouette. Thank you so much. 32 days after surgery